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Terms, Conditions & Guides

Here are our terms, conditions and guidelines when working with us. It is a must to follow regulations about what items you can export out of New Zealand, at the same time what items you can import to your country. Please note that MyNZ.Shop only export items delivered to us by GST registered businesses (within New Zealand) with current date sales invoice emailed to us. Deliveries must be via registered delivery/logistic companies. LOCAL SUPPLIERS AND NOT FROM OVERSEAS. Items must be brand new, recently purchased and sealed. NO USED OR SECOND HAND ITEMS. We will discard items that did not meet these criteria and all items prohibited for NZ export and CK / international Import.  Disposal of items will be charged to customer. So please before shopping and delivering, kindly ensure you have read this whole page of Export / Import Terms, Conditions and Guides.

MyNZ.Shop is a procuring/shopping and consolidating service company. We are not a freight company and therefore all claims relating to loss or damage in shipment needs to be reported directly to your chosen carrier. Damaged supply should be directed to your supplier. We will let you know if goods arrived damage (if its obvious) in your suite address.

We are bound by your chosen freight agencies policies.

Please ensure you have read their terms and conditions before choosing them.

We are happy to pack and deliver to your own freight agent. Local delivery fees applies. An export Invoice will be provided by us.  

Apart from Freight agents terms and conditions, there are also Country Custom restrictions and prohibitions. It is not our responsibility to check every package. Once you send it to your delivery address, it is expected that you intend it for export and that you are aware of responsibilities. 

New Zealand's Exporting Terms

All shopping for delivery to our storage warehouse is expected for export, please be guided by New Zealand's export prohibitions and restrictions here  - All items prohibited will be discarded at customers costs. All fees for disposing the item will be charged to you. Our storage warehouse does not have fridge, chiller or freezer facility. We do not consolidate and ship perishable goods.


Please refer directly to website (to ensure you are reading the updated one).

As of July 2021, summary of prohibited and restricted items are:

Animal products | Meat | Animal welfare | Antarctic toothfish and Patagonian toothfish | Birds – other than domestic birds – and other wildlife | Chemical weapons and chemicals that may be used in the manufacture of weapons | Cloned or hybrid human embryos | Controlled drugs | Dairy products | Hazardous chemicals and pesticides | Hazardous waste
Horticultural products | Kiwifruit | Human Remains | Indigenous timber | Live green-lipped mussels with a shell size of less than 50mm in length | Living Modified Organisms | Marine mammals such as seals, whales, dolphins, porpoises | Ozone layer protection | Persistent Organic Pollutants | Pounamu (New Zealand Greenstone) | Protected New Zealand objects | Radioactive materials: |Toheroa : | UN sanctions | Rough diamonds |
Weapons, Firearms and ammunitions | End-use (catch-all) controls | Controls on electronic transfers | Wine

Cook Islands Importing Guides

Cook Island's Custom and Biosecurity importing guides are available online here     and please ensure you have read these important information

Restrictions are as follows:

  • Fire Arms and other weapons

  • Money

  • Medicines


MyNZ.Shop will not ship items listed above or anything we deemed unacceptable.

If packaging has been opened, goods that are used or tampered/altered. If packaging is defective or inadequate to ensure safe transportation with usual handling procedures, then goods will not be packed for shipping but instead goods will be discarded at customers costs. Do not deliver these prohibited nor restricted items to avoid charges, penalties nor discarding costs. Our warehouse has the right to inspect shipment without notice  from our customers for safety, security, customs or other regulatory reasons. But it is not MyNZ.Shops responsibility to monitor and check all deliveries arriving in your suite if it is lawful or not. Warehouse expects all deliveries received are lawful and authorized for export by customer, a reminder to only deliver goods you authorized us to pack and export to you. 

In the event that prohibited/unlawful/restricted items was sent to us and packed by our warehouse, and incur charges, all charges (including legal fees) will be passed on to the customer. These charges can include fees should your package/item delivered to warehouse caused harm to staff or damage to our facilities. This is also a reminder not to share your suite address to promote privacy and security as customer are responsible to all goods arriving to their suite address. We do not encourage sharing of suite and should only be used by the registered member. 

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