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Delivery Service

 Rates & Subscriptions 

Our Rates:


Packages Bound to Cook Islands:

We are a procurement company that supplies to the Cook Islands. 

Part of our service is consolidate, package and ship your goods to you. Overseas ( Beneficiary's country) fees are customers responsibilities. Here are our fees:


Package Consolidation Fee

     All your shopping deliveries will be repacked and consolidate/combined in one shipping. Consolidating fee depends on your membership. 

     $45, if you are on Trial (1 month) membership

     $35, if you are on 6 months membership

     $25, if you are on 1 year membership


Shipping / Freight Fees (depends on your choice) 

   These are just guidelines....  



Oversize Deliveries

To incur less delivery fees we allow our members to deliver straight to our port warehouse. Get the delivery order from

us before you shop/buy as we need your supplier to print delivery note. Critical to meet delivery period or warehousing fees will be charged.


Manhandling fee applicable, see other charges.


All charges from Rarotonga port will billed directly to customer by 3rd party agents


Packages Bound to Philippines:

Balik Bayan Box 

Consolidation and documentation fee is $55 per box 

    All your shopping deliveries will be repacked and combine in one box. Email to advise you are ready to close your box and we will securely pack and seal. 

Should you need to split deliveries to different boxes, an extra manning fee will be charged from $5 

Freight fees per box size will be according to our partner’s fee 

Cut off is every 5th of the month, as dictated by the freight carrier ForexUmac 

You must have at least 6 months membership to be able to send Balik Bayan Box. 

Copy of Passport & Work Visa must be provided 

And sign an authorization letter to "send on half" 

Other Charges (if applicable):

  1. Packing materials: for fragile items, extra padding from $2

  2. Storage fee applies after 21 days of receipt of package.

      From $1/day /per package or per $10/m3         

  3. Extra admin fee, ie package info/photo request, etc from $2 

  4. Disposal fee, prohibited item(s) price varies, from $5

  5. New Zealand Manhandling oversized fee, from $10 per delivery, per cbm

  6. Rarotonga Manhandling oversized fee, from $10 per item

  7. Other special handling as required, from $2

  8. Storage/Warehouse fees

All invoices has to be paid before any package dispatch from your suite

All prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Membership Subscriptions:

Become a member and have a privilege of getting your own private delivery suite address in Auckland, New Zealand

Package Delivered

Trial Membership, 1 month
Shopping for occasion

Become a member even only for an occasion. Buy everything you need all at once and get a private delivery suite address for the whole month for $10.

Package consolidation fee is $45

Online Shopping

6 Month Membership
Regular Shoppers 

Exclusive delivery suite is yours for 6 months of shopping at $30. Take time and get your shopping organized so you don't miss bargains and deals! 

Package consolidation fee is $35

Delivery Boxes in a Truck

1 Year Membership
Mega Shoppers 

Regular shoppers can take advantage of cheaper annual rate of $50. Secure a spot in our warehouse for a whole year of non stop shopping.

Package consolidation fee is $25

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