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  • What is MyNZ.Shop?
    MyNZ.Shop is a shopping and exporting facility from New Zealand to your country (currently servicing Cook Islands)
  • What are member privileges ?
    Get a privilege of being able to deliver to our Auckland warehouse, in your own exclusive and secure box. 1. Get your own shopping delivery address in Auckland, New Zealand. 2. Half cube free storage within a month from the receipt of first package. 3. Get an online access to your suite, that enables you: -Monitor what packages has arrived -Request for photos if need to see it (fee applies) -Monitor your current total packages dimensions and weight 3. Be able to consolidate all shopping and send it as one bulk, enabling you to save from freight and exportation fees 4. Saves you in having to do individual import clearance from custom 5. Freight options of NZ Post, DHL Express or use your own freight agent
  • What & Where Can I Order From?
    You can order anything you are prepared to pay shipping, except ofcourse items/products that are prohibited by law, and dangerous to transport. Please see "Terms" in our website for all imporation and exportation rules. You can shop in New Zealand, nationwide, online, everywhere, anytime and get it delivered to your own suite shopping address. Your items must arrive with invoices, or email it to us, or it will not be packed for shipping for lack of custom declaration details. We will not pack/ship used/2nd hand items, please refrain from sending it in your suite address. These will be disposed and disposal fees will be charged to customers.
  • What steps do I do to signup?
    Steps: Step1: They are multiple ways to signup - User the "Register" button on the website - Message us on Facebook “MyNZShop” or, - send us an email - Must be over 16 years old, and must send us a valid Photo ID Step 2: Receive a membership invoice that you can pay online using your VISA or Mastercard Step 3: Receive an exclusive New Zealand delivery suite address Start shopping, New Zealand wide! (We are not accepting international* deliveries) Must be local (New Zealand) registered company only.
  • I have placed my first order, What do I do now?"
    Email us your purchase/shopping invoice and will check items upon deliveries. We will log all items we receive into your private suite so you woulde be able to monitor deliveries online by accessing your exclusive online account. Access online account and monitor weight and dimensions giving you better chance to plan & schedule your shopping and shipping. Remember, Cook Islands charges 15% customs gst on landed costs. RMD also charges Levy on some items. These are all your responsibility to pay RMD directly in Cook Islands. Once we receive your confirmation that you are ready to ship, we will send you an invoice for your freight, you can pay this online using your visa or mastercard or by depositing in our BSP Cook Island bank account. Once paid, you will receive a package tracking details within 72 hours depending on volume of shopping. Get notified locally by your chosen freight agent (NZPost or DHL) of arrival of your packages. Enjoy your purchases!
  • Who pays for my custom gst, levies and other importation fees"
    Our fee is for consolidating and packing. We also charge for the international freight. We do not charge custom gst, levies and other importation fees being charged in your country, and that is customers responsibility.
  • Who do you use for freight / shipping
    All your shopping will be consolidated and you have options if you want to send your goods via NZ Post Economy, NZ Post Courier, DHL Express or arrange with your Freight Agent.
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